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Shriram Shri Shrikumar

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Managing Director

With an innate curiosity, Shri has amassed an unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise in software technologies and engineering, This has spawned the technical teams of kraya, each focusing on a specialist area.

Born into an entrepreneurial family, he identified at a young age that the only employer that could challenge him adequately would be himself.  Shri then proceeded to set up kraya at the age of 18, along with his brother Krish, who now heads the film division - krayamotion.

kraya has grown from a fledgling two person operation out of a bedroom into a company which has doubled in size each year over the last few years and is located in the prestigious west end of Edinburgh. 

For Shri, it is about the next challenge, the next adventure and the next thing that seems impossible...

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Personal Quote

It's fun to do the impossible...

Favourite Quotes

  • Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -- Arthur C. Clarke
  • Anything is possible if you can imagine it -- Prof. Hubert J Farnsworth